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Sapphire R.E.M Gem Adapter 18MM Semi Polished

Sapphire R.E.M Gem Adapter 18MM Semi Polished


Before purchasing please note that the adapters from this drop will be 18mm outside diameter and 15mm in height OR 24mm outside diameter and 14mm in height. It is up to you to make a purchase of a quartz nail that fits the insert. At least 1mm of space between sapphire adapter and quartz is needed to prevent your adapter and quartz from breaking due to the expansion of the sapphire from heating. Example: if the sapphire is 18mm you need a 25mm quartz. If the sapphire is 24mm you need a 30mm quartz.

R.E.M (Rare Earth Materials) Gem Adapters are made of high-quality, lab crafted synthetic corundum and designed to fit perfectly into most flat-top quartz nails. Our chosen gem, sapphire (corundum), has the ability to absorb, distribute, and maintain heat better than anything else available in today's market while delivering unparalleled, noticeably different flavor. In addition, to being durable, on the Mohs Scale, which measures the hardness of minerals, sapphire ranks a 9 out of 10- 10 being diamonds. Synthetic, lab grown sapphire has a multitude of uses from aerospace infared optic sensors to cutting lasers for medical purposes to high-durability windows. We've adapted this incredible technology to fill the void existing in the glass community for a long-lasting, efficient, and pivotal vaporizing adapter.

It is recommended for you use a temperature gun to gage heat of adapter; although it is not completely necessary. Without a temperature gun it can be as simple as heating for 1 minute and 15 seconds and cooling for 1 minute 30 seconds. There will be slight difference in cool down time depending on the thickness of the quartz nail you are using. Testing has concluded that the optimal temperature for vaporization is 450°F. The larger the application the closer to 500°F you'll want to be with a shorter cool down time.

R.E.M Gem Adapters are intended to last indefinitely with proper care and use. Care and use outline will be included in detail with every adapter. Any additional questions can be directed to

Please be aware that our manufacturing time for the R.E.M Gem Adapters may range from 4-6 weeks from the beginning of the inserts being crafted to us receiving them and shipping them out to you.

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